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Breakwall Africa limited was established and founded in 2021 by healthcare professionals and business enthusiasts who are passionate about touching and improving lives of vulnerable populations using innovations and quality advanced technology to provide total solutions to the everyday health and development needs of our communities and Africa as a continent at large.


Breakwall Africa limited is an established multi-project business and fully registered private company in Africa in accordance with Companies Act 2012 duly established under the laws of Republic of Uganda working in the health care supply chain industry, animal health, agrochemicals, and research and innovations with diverse and dynamic team experience with reputable multi-international, multi-national Organizations, companies and other government state agencies and all African government institutions and the leaderships.

The goal of the company is to bridge the gaps in the supply chain, logistics and procurement sector by providing timely, dependable, available and cost effective quality total solutions to government entities and other organizations with an established networks across sub-Saharan Africa.

The company operations are expanding rapidly throughout the sub-Saharan region, the head office is located in Uganda with its headquarters in Kampala Uganda and operation centres and outlets in 17 other African countries like South Sudan (Juba), Somalia (Mogadishu and Hargeisa), DRC(Kinshasa), Central African Republic (CAR)- Bangui, Kenya (Nairobi), Ethiopia (Addis Ababa), Rwanda(Kigali), Burundi (Bujumbura), Tanzania ( Dodoma and Dar es Salaam) , Sudan (Khartoum), Egypt, (Cairo), South Korea, (Seoul) China, (Shenzhen), Japan (OSAKA), Ghana, (Accra) and United Arab Emirates (UAE). (Dubai) and Turkey (Ankara),


A healthy and productive Africa exercising its human potential in all rights.


To secure access for every one through provision of quality, affordable and available total solutions to all people of Africa.


For Africa with Africa

Core Values

We live in a very unprecedented world where population needs are intimately linked; thus, our solutions must be interlinked through evidence based approach

Right to health: Every African deserves the right to health and wellbeing.

Quality: Quality service delivery to all Africans so as to safeguard against premature morbidity and mortality.

Relationship: Relationship and partnership building

Humanity: Humanity built on compassion, kindness and social intelligence

Accountability: Every day we are committing our resources and reputation and we must be accountable

Customer focus: Putting the customers interest first at all times

People: We look for the best people who thrive in a team context among ourselves, across disciplines and with our partners.

Integrity: Do the right things

Excellence: Delivering the best at all times

Entrepreneurship: Using innovation and creativity to deliver differentiated total health solutions

Profitability: Entity has to generate revenues greater than expenses

Proficiency: Having the skill and experience for doing something

Professionalism: There is need for evidence based science to reach to solutions


To carry on the business of healthcare programming, shaping and development.

To carry on the business of market penetration, shaping and development.

To carry on the business of technical guidance and business cooperation in health care industry

To carry on the business of performance product evaluations and validation for adoption and roadmaps in Africa.

To carry on business of certification of quality management systems, environmental management systems, organic products and other medical products, processes and systems in line with existing regulations and guidelines.

To arrange for medical market shaping with public and private sectors through promotions, exhibitions, intellectual knowledge transfers, and advertising of the products and by-products of the manufacturers and purchase of raw materials, goods and articles as are necessary for carrying on the business of the manufacturers and, for that purpose, either to establish its own manufacturing plants, agencies, or marketing organizations or to appoint selling or buying agents or distributors of both (whether individuals, firms or bodies corporate) in any place and to allot, specify, alter or modify their areas of operation or the terms and conditions of their appointment and to pay remuneration to such agents by way of such commission or in such other manner as the Company may deem fit in Africa.

To carry on the business product launch and national acceptance for public product use in Africa.

To carry on the business of post market surveillance, and technical support in Africa.

To carry on the business of technical product market intelligence and technical guidance in Africa.

To establish subsidiary companies, amalgamate with, or enter into partnership or into any arrangement for sharing profits, union of interest, joint venture, reciprocal concession or co-operation with, any person or company carrying on, engaged in, or proposing to carry on or engage in, any business or transaction which the Company is authorized to carry on or engage in, or which is capable of being conducted so as to, directly or indirectly, benefit the Company, and to take or otherwise acquire and hold shares, stock, securities, obligations or other interests in any such person or company, and to subsidize or otherwise assist any such person or company.

To carry on the business of baseline market surveys and development of market preposition strategies in Africa.

To make donations either in cash or in kind for such objects or causes as may be directly or indirectly conducive to any of the company's objectives or otherwise expedient in the best interest to benefit humanity in Africa.

To carry on the business of financing and supply chain management modelling in Africa.

To enter into negotiation or collaboration, technical, financial or otherwise with any person or government for obtaining any grant, license or on other terms, formulate and other right and benefits, and to obtain technical information, know- how and expert advice for the production, manufacture and export or sale of all types of goods which the company is authorized to produce or to deal in.

To carry on the business of mitigation and litigation of manufacturers interests and local technical agencies interest in Africa.

To carry on the business of the human resource recruitment guidelines and outsourcing for public and private health sector in Africa

To carry on the business of health research, innovations and development initiatives in Africa.

To carry on the business of investments and funding in health care and delivery in Africa.

To carry on the business of general medical merchants and traders, suppliers, manufacturers, assemblers, distributors, importers exporters, and shippers of wholesale and retail dealers in medical goods, wares, produce, products, and commodities.

To carry on business of international import and export of general merchandise, general trading, services delivery, warehousing, buying, selling for both wholesalers and retailers, materials, commodities and other goods of whatever description in Africa

Breakwall Organogram

Our Team

Dr. Gulom Godfrey


A fully registered and licensed Medical Doctor (MD) and a Public Health Specialist, Infectious diseases Consultant...

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Cliff Richard

Vice President

Lorem sed nisi leo. Ut at sagittis nisi. Cras porttitor a purus ac.

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Aggrey Katerega Jacob

Vice President

Is an experienced banker, Senior Administrator and business enthusiast with vast portfolios in Administration & Finance...

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Dr.Dane James

Senior Pharmacist

Is a fully registered and licensed pharmacist and an administrator. She qualified in Bachelors of pharmacy at Hillside college...

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